Drupal is a powerful open-source web platform used to create various websites, ranging from personal blogs to corporate portals and online stores. One of Drupal's key advantages is its flexibility and scalability, providing web developers with a range of tools and capabilities to meet diverse needs.

Modular Architecture: Drupal's modular architecture allows for the extension of its functionality through various modules. There is a wide array of modules available for different tasks, from content management and analytics to integration with social networks and payment systems.

Drupal is also known for its active community, which continually evolves and supports the platform. Forums, chats, documentation, and other resources exist where users can seek assistance and advice.

Regarding flexibility, Drupal enables customization of virtually every aspect of a website, from design and content display to security and performance optimization.

Over a million sites run on Drupal — from personal blogs to corporate websites, political parties, and government institutions. Hence, another key advantage is support and scalability of projects. Our clients have already appreciated and successfully utilized Drupal as the primary platform for their projects!

Drupal Capabilities:

· Creating websites and managing their content.
· Built-in multilingual support.
· Connecting your site with other web resources and search engines.
· Open-source platform that doesn't require licensing costs.
· Publishing content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks.
· Numerous themes and the ability to create a unique design.

CMS Drupal allows interaction with other sites and technologies through rich integration capabilities. Today, there are over 16,000 modules for Drupal that can be integrated with each other.

Types of Sites that can be created with Drupal:

· Online stores.
· Individual and corporate websites.
· Blogs.
· Portals.
· Forums.
· Social networks.
· Resource directories.
· Intranet sites.

Why choose Drupal?

· Built-in SEO optimization. You can reach a wider audience with integrated SEO tools in Drupal.
· Customizable design. A myriad of themes with flexible settings and the ability to create your own theme allow for the development of a unique site that aligns with brand goals and vision.
· Multilingualism. Drupal has built-in multilingual support and allows for fast and quality translations.
· E-commerce tools. Drupal enables the creation of a fully functional online store. Upload catalogs, integrate online payments, delivery services, and communicate with users through chat or feedback forms.
· Extensive integration possibilities. A Drupal website can easily integrate with Amazon Web Services, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Google Business, and many other sites and systems.
· Drupal boasts a powerful community of developers and enthusiasts, ensuring the platform is constantly evolving and offering modern capabilities.

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