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Design 911 is the market leader in selling the full range of Porsche OEM parts and aftermarket parts and opening to the UK, European and global markets.


Create a manual product catalog with the ability to access technical documentation, as well as develop an expanded system for searching for original parts for a car model.


We have created a website for the sale of original spare parts for Porsche -
Design 911 with a thorough understanding of the model and configuration of the car, what else is there about Magenta 2, all sorts of cool tricks


Over 20 pages have been created for this site, including a product catalog, technical documentation, a news section and a blog, as well as a brochure catalog.

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All products on the site are organized into a catalog, which is divided into categories and subcategories. To make it easier to search for products, the catalog page contains a filter based on key parameters and characteristics.

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Version for people with visual impairments

All technical documentation for equipment on the website is systematized in a document catalog and divided into categories, which allows the user to easily find the required drawing, certificate or brochure.


With the dynamic increase in mobile users and the introduction of Google’s new algorithm, website adaptability is becoming not just a way to increase sales, but a necessary necessity.

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